Firecracker 5K 37:00

Brooks running shoes and turtle charm

OHR W2D2 ✔

Today was my 2nd 5K *AND* my 32nd birthday!

I signed up for this 5K about 10 days before the run. I knew my BIL+SIL walked a 5K every year with SIL’s parents but for some reason it didn’t hit me to do it with them until my SIL casually mentioned it 11 days before the run. And before I knew it, I was signing up!

I was nervous for this one. My first was considerably smaller. Only about 20 ppl. This one was BIG. About 1000+. And so professional. Complete with a running bib and timing chip.

I knew this time I would still use my iPhone app (it’s my security blanket!) but decided to forego the 5 min warm up walk and let the adrenaline of the day carry me. In the end, I ran a new Personal Record (PR). w00t! Happy Birthday to me!

Distance: 3.19 miles
Walk pace: N/A
Run pace: 12:20/mile


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