C25K W9D1

Brooks running shoes and turtle charm

C25K W9D1 ✔

This morning I woke up really nervous for W9D1. I think it’s b/c I tried to go back to W6 yesterday for an easier workout since my Zumba class was cancelled. Imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t do it! :(

It really bummed me out for the rest of Wednesday.

But thankfully after 2 DORs I felt really good during my run and made it over the 1st bridge on the canal for the first time. I still haven’t hit the 3.1 mile mark yet but I think I’m ready for my first 5K on Sunday.

I’m nervous and excited to see how far I’ve come.

Distance: 2.8 miles
Walk pace: 17:36/mile
Run pace: 13:46/mile


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