C25K W6D1

Brooks running shoes and turtle charm

C25K W6D1 ✔

I’m not sure if I’m still jetlagged or tired from Zumba or W5D3 just kicked my butt. Whatever it was… I totally struggled during today’s run. My leg cramped up a little but I didn’t give up but pace was slow. Also I think I slept the wrong way last night b/c my neck is killing me! Oy!

I don’t know why I thought today would be easy. I guess I thought if I could do 20 min runs going back to intervals on Week 6 would be a piece of cake.

Guess again Sherlock! I probably should have known that C25K would challenge me each day. Le sigh…

Distance: 2.2 miles
Walk pace: 23:11/mile
Run pace: 16:18/mile


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