C25K W5D3

Brooks running shoes and turtle charm

C25K W5D3 ✔

Just got back from the Bahamas late last night but I didn’t get a chance to run my scheduled D3 while I was there so I decided to finish up Week 5 this morning.

I almost wussed out b/c it was raining but in the end I pulled up my big girl panties and hit the pavement. I was skeptical that I could run 20 mins straight. This program didn’t know me! There was no way. But I did it! *fist pump*

Granted the pace was slow but I never stopped, even in the rain, so the grin on my face is priceless :) :) :)

After 5 weeks on the program, I consider 20 min runs my “Hump Day”.

Distance: 1.8 miles
Walk pace: 22:22/mile
Run pace: 23:26/mile


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