C25K W1D3

My Brooks running shoes and turtle charm

C25K W1D3 ✔

This morning I decided for a change of scenery and drove down to Long Beach’s Shore Line Village to run along the beach. But I realized pretty quickly as I got close that there was something bigger going on. I totally forgot about the Long Beach Grand Prix. So I took a U-turn and headed for Husband’s parents’ house and ran around the Lagoon.

While I was running, Husband visited with his parents and finally told them about his new tattoo. I’m glad I wasn’t around for THAT conversation! Luckily his parents were totally fine with it. I mean he IS 32 years old!

Footnote: GPS was funky on my iPhone app today and the mileage was WAY off b/c even I can’t kid myself that I ran 3.5 miles. I’m guessing more like 1.8 miles.


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