You can have your burger…

… And eat it too!

The key is moderation and portions. I get that now. It only took 32 years.

I woke up this morning and was honestly scared. Maybe that’s why I slept in until 830am. For those that don’t know me. I’m a morning person. Waking up on Saturday at 6am is normal for me. But today was Weigh In (WI) #2 for me. That means I’ve been on Weight Watchers for 2 weeks now.

I knew it would be hard to make a lifestyle change. I knew I’d have some withdrawals. I mean. I’m a carb FA-REAK so telling me to cut down the carbs was gonna be a struggle. I won’t lie. The first week WAS hard. I was cranky and moody. I also felt like I was a drug addict coming down from a high and trying to find my next hit. Just ask my husband. Poor thing got yelled at one night when he didn’t put the batteries in the Wii remote fast enough. Oy. I feel bad about that. But we got past the first week with minimal battle scars. Second week was easier but the reason why I was nervous about WI #2 was Saturday.

Saturday… I was bad.

Remember I mentioned in the last post that we were in Palm Springs for the weekend? That set me back 15 points. That’s over the Activity and Weekly points. Oy vey!

Needless to say, I was scared to step on the scale this morning.

But to my SUPREME surprise I went down 1 lb! w00t!

So I guess you CAN eat a burger+fries. Isn’t that what is so great about Weight Watchers? Just don’t do it every day. Because just think of the weight I could have lost if I had stayed within my points. <– motivation!


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