Hello my name is CB. And I’m a carb-o-holic.

I had my first mental breakdown this afternoon.

I literally cried after eating a side baguette that you get with your salad from Panera. Wow. I need to get a grip.

And then it hit me. We as a society have been bombarded with “CARBS ARE EVIL” diets like Atkins or South Beach that we’re programmed to think bread is the enemy. I think I realized today that I am one of the sheep. But I’m here to tell you…


Yes, the 5oz piece of baguette cost me 4 points but I need to think differently about carbs. Moderation. Moderation. Moderation. Trust me when I tell you that it’s easier said than done. Because I TOTALLY get it. I’m a carb freak. Carb moderation is not in my vocabulary. It does not compute.

Leave it to my dear sweet husband to help me come to my senses.

Me: {bawling}
Husband: Omg. What’s wrong?? Did you just talk to your mom.
Me: No.
Husband: Then what is it?
Me: I ate the bread. Why did I eat the bread? Why can’t I control myself?
Husband: Is that all? Ok. How many points was it?
Me: 4 f&*#ing points
Husband: Did you use up your Daily points?
Me: No
Husband: Do you have some Activity points?
Me: Yes
Husband: Do you have all your Weekly Points?
Me: Yes
Husband: Ok I don’t understand why you are crying so I’m just gonna give you a hug now.

You know what? He’s right!

I didn’t work so hard to stay within my points all week to cry about a stinkin’ baguette on the weekend.

So eat your bread. Because you deserve it. And be happy. I am.


One response

  1. Leave it to T to bring you back to reality. And remember you do NEED carbs. Atkins is so bad for you because it basically destroys your kidney's by making them work too hard. It's all about the balance.

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