Fat vs Phat

My name is Clara. And I’m fat. But I aspire to be PHAT.

Even though there were a few moments leading up to that “How Did I Let This
Happen?” epiphany that helped me make the decision, the REAL driving force was when my bff, Nikki (I’m sure you’ll hear me mention her a lot in my blog), told me she had signed up 2 weeks prior. That was it! I finally had my AH HA moment. I didn’t wanna be the FAT friend anymore. I didn’t want to see a “2″ as the first number in my weight. I didn’t want to avoid mirrors and cameras like the plague. I didn’t want to search the sale rack for an “X” in my clothes size. I just didn’t want to be ME anymore!

So if she was signing up, I was signing up too!

Selfish? Oh yes.
Does it matter? Nope.

It just matters that you DO it. And embrace the journey as a new lifestyle. Because there’s no going back.

So I checked “Sign up for Weight Watchers” off my bucket list today: March 1, 2011

This blog is a record of my weight loss journey.

On your mark. Get set. GO!


2 responses

  1. I just stumbled on your blog (not really sure how….) but anyway, I had to say congratulations!! And also, I love your sense of humor, it’s rare to find a funny AND pretty girl who can crack corny jokes. So now there’s two of us. haha. ;)

    Anyways, keep up the awesome work! :D

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